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Map of the Unknown: the Journey of Collective Awakening is a wide-ranging account of how psychology, spirituality, and social change come together in a simple and coherent framework inviting collective awakening for a new world. It explains both the ailments of enculturation as well as the new choices that we can take as individuals that will reverse engineer the ills of that enculturation towards a paradigmatic shift on a collective level that allows us a true chance at the new world we wish to create.


It holistically treats the “whole system” revealing the fractal nature of how individual and collective patterns mirror each other, both in their unbalanced and limited form, as well as their expanded, fully expressed form: in the inner psyche, personal relationships, and issues on a group level.


It reveals how our deepest spiritual dislocation in our inner world is directly manifest and reflected in the norms, institutions, and social and environmental upheaval we see in the outer world, and that to change the latter we must change the former. We see in detail how we can move from thinking to knowing, from conditional acceptance into unconditional love, and from cycles of victimization and violence into true power and creative potential.

We see how when we identify our current compromises in attempt at well-being, and when we choose instead to move towards the unknown both light and dark, what is unveiled is nothing less than true self beyond ego personality identity: deep presence, interconnection and union, inter-dimensional integration, and deeply creative manifestation potential - all arising through continuous ego surrender. The book points out the pathway towards growth, while identifying and moving beyond all of the ways we compromise or misinterpret what we think is the path. It is a call for inter-dimensional integration, in alignment with core teachings of nonduality and mysticism across world traditions.

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Anchoring the Light Fields is a book for those deeply involved in awakening work. It reveals a macro lens of the stages of the awakening process both for the individual and for the collective. Global issues are understood to require resolution first through awakening on the individual level, in which egoic identity and material reality dissolves and Absolute Beingness reveals emptiness, Union, multiplicity, and Love-Truth. From here, the human takes the deep inner movement into being a vessel for God consciousness. Self is portal, and as soul and human weave back together, heaven and earth weave back together. The integrated self lands into communion with Mother Earth and integrity and coherence in behavior and decisions. 

The "vertical" awakening process of the individual proves to be only the first step of a longer road in which relationship is healed beyond roles and projections and Union is known and felt between beings. Love is no longer codified and culturally limited. Groups come into coherence as one body-mind in the "horizontal" awakening process in which identity switches from individual to collective self. It is with shared coherence, made of both sovereignty and connection, that the synchronous flow of group body-mind is in coordination and co-creates. First in deepening the web of light of Earth's collective consciousness grids, and then the new physical world.

Group is revealed as the avenue through which a massive entry of light into the earth plane is possible, as all individuals within a group, in coherent alignment with each other and with those who work with Earth in the nonphysical planes, together become one shared portal through which the river of light across dimensions can re-weave the Earth plane's trauma fields back into deeper communion with Unity Consciousness.

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