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This talk precedes the meditation

"Heart as Portal across all Selves"

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I will be including many more talks here as I continue building this site. I have a backlog of topics, maps, drawings, and concepts from the book that I'd like to turn into short videos which I'll be including here, so stay tuned!Please note that each talk here touches on a tip of the iceberg of material that's not included but that would be necessary for clarification and disclaimers. So please be aware that you're picking up a tiny piece of a puzzle that's not fully given. Eventually it'll fill out much more.


Overview of Earth's Ascension and Interdimensional Healing
Drawings of Interdimensional Collective Healing
Sunday Talks


Talk: Transition to Togetherness

How will our society shift from the separation based paradigm to the Unity based paradigm? Here we break down how transition occurs, in the form of a dimensional shift. We cannot reach towards the future from where we are. We must directly embody the future, in order to bring it to the present.

Talk: Time Collecting into the Now 

Slicing time down to the present. Narrative releasing into the now. The portal of here.



Talk: Reclaiming our Power

This talk precedes the meditation "Reclaiming our Power". The paradox of independence and togetherness is touched on here. We are the only ones who can take our own place, and when we do, that is when we are in true togetherness. Power comes from owning our center, standing in our own self-authority, and having choice, rather than being manipulated. Power comes from all aspects of self being woven and linked into one great fabric of Unity in which there is coherence, and every action comes from and serves that coherence.

Talk: Opening the Doors to Trust

This talk precedes the meditation "Opening the Doors to Trust". The walls we placed between aspects of ourselves, between mind and heart, are dissolving, and the mind comes back to the heart. What allows for this? As the heart awaits to receive with love, the mind makes the movement of trust, surrendering to heart. 

Talk: How to End Meditation

This talk can be listened to anytime including played right after any meditation. The information here is to be applied to the end of every meditation. 

Talk: Transition to Togetherness

This talk precedes the meditation "Crossing the Threshold". We are going through unprecedented times, as the world opens into awakening. How do we transition from the old world of separation, to the new world of togetherness? We look at how our identity and direct experience of "self" transitions from the perception of individual self to the manifestation of Oneness in physical form, as the experience of true Togetherness. This is a call for our Uniting. Please contact me directly for access to the meditation.

Talk: Metaphors for Heart as Portal

This talk precedes the meditation "Heart as Portal Across all Selves". Through the portal of the heart center we cross time and space and connect with self in other time points in this lifetime and with self across lifetimes and dimensions.

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