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What Clients Say:

Holistic Healing Sessions

"I’ve been doing healing work with Olivia for over a year now and she has changed my life in so many positive ways, I couldn't recommend her more. Through her skilled intuitive guidance, powerful discernment and compassionate understanding, I learn so much about the conditioning that has blocked me from real connection and love. She effortlessly creates a safe environment which allows me to explore some of my deepest unconscious patterns. She has a rare magic about her that is hard to put into words. She radiates joy and her presence alone is deeply healing. After each session, I feel extremely nourished and alive. I feel my own day to day life filled with more joy and love."

-- Andrew, 35, Comedian

Life Coaching

"Olivia is a gifted emotional healer and coach. She offers her clients a safe and courageous space where they can process emotions and get clarity on what it is they really want. Olivia has coached me on topics as diverse as career, parenting, relationships, and self perception. No matter what the subject, she always manages to get me almost immediately to the deeper issue and guide me through a session of self discovery. I always have at least one "Aha!" moment during or after our sessions. I have often asked Olivia "How do you do it?" to which she responds that she is merely my guide and that I have made all of these discoveries myself. So whatever tools, skills, intuition, and natural talent she is using, she manages to get the client to a place of profound learning and revelation -- about self, life, and how to move forward and make progress. Our work together has taught me how to just "be" with myself and my emotions, as opposed to always operating by "doing, doing, doing." I have seen how much progress I can make in all areas of my life by actually staying still and being with myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my heart, and my soul. Olivia is kind, gentle, and encouraging; she makes the process of becoming a more evolved person fun and easy. I feel totally supported in our work together and would recommend her to anyone looking for change or progress in their personal or professional life."

-- Jennifer, 50, Business Coach & Executive

Holistic Healing Sessions

"First, I hope all is well. I think of you often and receive so much joy and from the mere thought of you. Truly. You have brought so much refreshment, understanding, and light into my world. I cannot tell you how often I cling to your words and your guidance. You have helped me understand what it means to tap into myself and to discover God, others, and the natural world in a most intimate and internal way. Thank you for your patience, love and neutral support as I go through one of the most transitional and challenging parts of my life."

-- Jess, 28, Environmental Activist

Life Coaching

"Working with Olivia has been a wonderful experience. I came to her knowing that there were unhealthy patterns in my professional life that I wanted to change. She's patient, insightful, and will never judge you – and will probably remind you not to judge yourself either. Our conversations have helped me find new perspectives and strategies for dealing with the things that have brought me down in the past. Highly recommended!"

-- Kate, 29, Journalist

Holistic Healing Sessions

"Thank you so so so much. I really feel like there was a major energetic shift that occurred within me in your presence. You reflected such truth and provided unconditional love and assistance. I can't articulate how safe and calm I felt in your space and energy field. It was not of this plane. Thank you on so many levels. What you did today was magical."

-- Sara, PhD Student

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