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Together we wake up the world

Hilma Af Klimt Pyramid.JPG
Painting by Hilma Af Klint

What can we do on a spiritual level to help the collective navigate the turmoil - and opportunity - of these times? I'm hosting a weekly meditation circle focused on bringing forth healing for the world by spreading unity consciousness across the collective consciousness fields.

Together we have the opportunity to call forth the direct transmission of PEACE. We find it within, embody the energy, see it clearly in our shared visioning, amplify it together, and pulse it out across the world in a blanket of healing light. Our power is strongest in our togetherness, as we all hold the same shared intention and vision. Together, in coherence, we claim our power to massively amplify energy as a group, and do so for the greatest good of all beings. Together we can infuse healing light into the consciousness fields of humanity, beyond division, for true peace. Together we can find compassion and share compassion, find hope and share hope, find peace and share peace. Together, we can re-template deep seated, multi-generational, collective wounds, bringing forth healing, awakening, and Grace, so that people may see through the eyes of love, and act accordingly.

Here's a Facebook live video where I explain the premise behind this work.

I made it before the election but all tenets hold for post-election meditation as well.

Political Meditation Zoom


This weekly circle was originally created as a form of spiritual activism in preparation for the 2020 presidential election, to transmit unity, peace, compassion, and love across our country. The circles continue post-election, now with a broader scope, beyond US politics, for the healing and awakening of the world as a whole. It is a form of Metta practice, an offering of love, a practice of standing in Unity and seeing and bringing forth the conscious experience of the one shared heart of humanity and all beings. 


The circles I host are for people of all spiritual backgrounds. We work inter-dimensionally and in our highest alignment with those assisting us in the nonphysical fields who work for the highest evolution of the earth plane. No prior experience necessary. What is required is an open heart and open mind.

Please join with video and in a place where you can focus and be ready to meditate.

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You can listen to this meditation alone anytime, or you can play it in your own meditation group.

Please contact me for other Thursday night recordings.

You can see recordings from other meditation circles in the Resources tab


When we focus on what we see physically around us and on the news, we are trapped in a particular layer of reality that is manifesting a framework of duality as separation and violence. Seeing reality from within this paradigm and attempting to change it from within it is extremely challenging and often frustratingly resisted and seemingly hopeless.

Instead, when we open our perception, and thus our stance and reality, to the nondual fields of peace and creative potential beyond the manifest duality, we have the power to free ourselves from the binds of the victim-perpetrator spiral and other woundings, and we have the power to see and thus create into form the world we know is possible to manifest.

Activism in the way we currently use the term describes actions that change the physical world for the better on a cultural and institutional level, that are performed in the physical dimension. I believe that activism as we know it is missing its second half: what I'll call spiritual activism. Spiritual activism is actions that change the physical world for the better on a cultural and institutional level, that are performed in nonphysical dimensions. Thus, while we have come to understand the importance of activism having a horizontal view and reach of intersectionality across issue areas, it's time we bring this intersectionality into verticality as well, viewing and reaching across dimensional layers of reality. 

piramid map.jpg

Let's look at the role of spiritual activism through this diagram of social change as a whole. The top of the pyramid represents oneness, and the base as the "ten thousand things", aka, individual unique expressions of manifest reality in form.


I've delineated 3 main layers though you can imagine a gradient of infinite dimensions in very thin sub-layers. The top is the most nonphysical 'wave function' layer of reality and the bottom is the most physical manifest 'particle' layer of reality. You can see how in each layer the individual experience is embedded in the collective experience. 

The left blue side represents the version of reality manifest as pain - that we currently see and experience "out there" in the world. The right pink side represents the version of reality that manifests as the beautiful world we are here to bring forth.

As in all healing work, the nonphysical planes are the blueprint templates that create the physical planes. Any sustainable change in the physical must happen via a change in the nonphysical. However, often we try to shift horizontally, via the blue arrows, but the further down in the map we attempt this, the more resistance we will find. This is why it is so hard to change institutions directly. We must change the nonphysical templates that hold them in place, so that there is permission in the template layers of the field for the physical change to occur and sustain.


Thus my prescription for deep, sustainable change is to follow the orange arrow all the way up and around, finding the internal sources of our external expressions of reality, and re-patterning them into their coherent manifest expressions of love-truth for a world of lived peace.

We do this deep nonphysical work while simultaneously acting in all other layers of the map. This is why we need both spiritual and physical world activism. Each person feels called to tend to different locations of the map, and together, connected with each other, we are covering all our bases and supporting each other in a sustainable transformation for society. As we're in our deepest alignment within our own hearts and true purpose, and seeing others in their unique place, we are all coherent and coordinated. As one web of light across all locations, working as a team, we learn, exchange energy, and synchronize our movements so that together we are, and thus manifest, one world of love. 




I've found that mapping out the aforementioned framework in mind mapping software can be a nice interactive and experiential way to think about, see, and talk about the vertical intersectionality of nonphysical and physical layers of reality, and the opportunity for transition across time from separation-based paradigm into a wholeness based paradigm. The framework reveals large scale trends on the collective level, while including, and acting as a fractal of, the experience of the individual as well. In the "Mapping Global Transition" video, I map out current, transitional, and "ideal world" scenarios side by side, and in the "Mapmaking Workshop" video I'm leading a group in co-creating this map, first in the current "problem state" world scenario, and then shifting to the ideal scenario - the world we are here to bring forth.

Anchor 2
Mapping Global Transition:
Theory of Change

Here I'm mapping the 3 layers of spiritual, psychological, and physical, along 3 time frames comparing and relating the current world of social/institutional disharmony, the new world we are here to bring forth, and the turbulent and healing transition period we are currently in.

Mapmaking Workshop

In this recording you see us co-creating maps as a group. First we make the map of social/institutional disharmony, see the intersectionality of issues on all 3 levels (spiritual, psychological, and physical), notice causation, and then map out the positive "new world" we are seeking to live into. We become aware of the unseen light behind the matrix and how to tap into it and live and create from this unity. 

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