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What's going on, and why?

Theory of Change

What is happening with all the turmoil in our world, and what can we do? 


Let's begin with acknowledging that how we act stems from how we see things to be. Thus, my work is about opening perception. When we improve our capacity of perception, our actions are in higher alignment and coherence.


I believe that full collective healing requires that we widen our awareness into a holistic view of interconnection and intersectionality, both "horizontally" across issue areas, and - crucially - "vertically" across dimensional layers of manifesting reality. 

What if we can explore the process of mapping out how social issues relate with inner experience and spiritual concepts... so that we can have a better view of how it all goes together... and thus find more clarity on how it can all change for the better?

I see the process of mapmaking as a tool that helps us open our view of what is happening within self and world across all levels of being. It is an active inquiry towards a meta-framework in which we can contextualize any particular topic or event - including refining our view of where our own contribution "fits" in the puzzle, to be of greatest service to the whole.


It's so common to fall into the blinders of our own personal silos, unaware of many or most other "locations in the map" that are simultaneously occurring. While we each have our "corner of the universe" in which we can best be of service, we have the opportunity to gain power as a collective working together towards healing by maintaining an awareness of how we all interconnect and relate with each other within our broader landscape, our shared meta-narrative of change towards the world we want. We want a world of interconnection. We will get there by seeing it.

(The image at the top is one of the maps I've created in a series of these such explorations. It is also the basis for the book I'm currently writing).

Hilma Af Klimt Pyramid.JPG
Painting by Hilma Af Klint
Overall Map Structure
piramid map.jpg

All maps I create have revealed that they fit within the meta-structure of this image. The top of the pyramid represents oneness, and the base as the "ten thousand things", aka, individual unique expressions of manifest reality in form.

In each layer you can see how the individual experience is embedded in the collective experience.


I've delineated 3 main layers though you can imagine a gradient of infinite dimensions in very thin sub-layers. The top is the most nonphysical 'wave function' layer of reality and the bottom is the most physical manifest 'particle' layer of reality.

The left blue side represents the version of reality manifest as pain - that we currently see and experience "out there" in the world. The right pink side represents the version of reality that manifests as the beautiful world we are here to create.

As in all healing work, the nonphysical planes can be seen as blueprint templates that create the physical planes. Any sustainable change in the physical must happen via a change in the nonphysical. However, often we try to shift horizontally, via the blue arrows, but the further down in the map we attempt this, the more resistance we will find. This is why it is so hard to change institutions directly. We must change the nonphysical templates that hold them in place.


Thus my prescription for deep, sustainable change is to follow the orange arrow all the way up and around, finding the internal sources of our external expressions of reality, and re-patterning them into their coherent manifest expressions of love-vitality for a world of interconnected joy.

Anchor 2
Mapping Global Transition
(video clearest when viewed on laptop)

Here I'm mapping the 3 layers of spiritual, psychological, and physical, along 3 time frames comparing and relating the current world of social/institutional disharmony, the new world we are here to bring forth, and the turbulent and healing transition period we are currently in.

Watch Feminism all Night Mapmaking Workshop

(Workshop begins at minute 4)

Here you see us co-creating maps as a group. First we make the map of social/institutional disharmony, see the intersectionality of issues on all 3 levels (spiritual, psychological, and physical), notice causation, and then map out the positive "new world" we are seeking to live into. We become aware of the need to work on the unseen layers before the physical can manifest.

How Can We be of Service?

What does the map teach us about our own capacity to be of service to the whole?


Each of us has the opportunity to share with the world the wisdom that arises from our unique location in the map. We are each 'stationed' in a different spot and when each of our authentic uniqueness is expressed, we create one whole complete picture. There is no "correct" or better location to work in. While we must SEE the whole picture (viewing everything from the heart - the tip top oneness point of the map), we then ACT in certain locations of that picture (every location on the map needs help!).


We are each our own puzzle piece in our unique location coming together in connection to create one whole picture. As we're in our deepest alignment within our own hearts and true purpose, and seeing others in their unique place, we are all coherent and coordinated. Together, working as a team, we learn, exchange energy, and synchronize our movements so that together we build one world of love. 

We can each locate ourselves in a layer and then map out how we can connect with the people in our and other layers. For example, my 'station' is in the spiritual nonphysical realms of the map. My role is in sharing what I see and access here, with those who are here and also elsewhere. Simultaneously I learn from those in the other layers who teach me what they see and know and help me contextualize my own experience within the whole. Can you map out where you are located, what you do for the whole, and how you share and learn from people who are working in the other layers?

Future mapmaking workshops will be periodically offered.

Please sign up for more info.

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