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This page is the main source of my publicly accessible meditation recordings. Please note that most recordings on my Youtube channel are hidden through the search function and require the links below to be accessed. 

Please only listen to the recordings when you are in meditation. This is primarily to maintain integrity with the field from which the meditations came and live.  

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Our meditation practice requires a holistic approach as its main goal is integration of all levels of Self across dimensions.


What is the journey of this integration? We are first awakened through a shift in view beyond the veils of conditioning to a direct experience of the Great Mystery. ("View"). The path must then be walked daily. To do so, the personality self must surrender personal will and set committed intention to align with Soul / That Which is Greater. ("Alignment"). Then self enters a process of integration in which infinite Love-Wisdom Self embodies into form, a process consciously experienced from all vantage points of self. ("Integration"). Throughout this process, moments of healing allow for the localized self to clear samscaras and open as a clean vessel. ("Healing"). For balance and wholeness of our integrated self in form we cultivate our capacity to embody a vast range of coherent energies. ("Cultivation"). All of these aforementioned "steps" are not linear but simultaneously occurring and simultaneously deepening. 

The result of this practice is an integrated Self that is able to be of interdimensional service on the earth plane by holding transmissions that bring healing to those who request assistance, and that bring coherence to the collective fields to assist in global awakening. This Self is no longer perception of self as separate, but Oneness manifest in form, as Togetherness. In this way, "I" becomes "we", and we live as the new reality we have incarnated to manifest on the earth plane. Once enough of us are experiencing self in this way, the new reality also manifests in the physical environment as a new world, through a process some call "ascension". ("Collective Awakening")


Each individual meditation is one open doorway on this infinite path. For ease in navigating this webpage, I've allocated each meditation to one of the themes mentioned above, listed again here in the order in which you'll see the recordings:

  • Alignment - When individual self gives its willpower to deepest soul mission and highest service

  • Integration - Weaving the Selves accessed via alignment: embodiment of awakened nature

  • Healing - Clearing the material of veils of illusion to come back into alignment

  • Cultivation - Unique qualities of awakened embodiment, within a vast range of states of being

  • View - Vantage point of perception outside of limiting veils that provides meta-contextualization

  • Collective Awakening - Global ascension via Self as Collective awakening into embodied Unity



Commitment to Self Alignment
*The ground to all other meditations*

There is a moment in life when we make the commitment to stand in who we are, and to say yes to our purpose and our true place. When we make the commitment to be on this earth as soul through human body.

Short Meditation: Alignment. Taking our Place

Dedication, Alignment, Service. Divine masculine within all of us. What we stand for. Standing for the truth of Love. Taking our place.

Integration and Alignment

Standing in our center, claiming our place, surrendering, being shown, embodying and being all selves here.



Meditation: Heart as Portal across all Selves

Through the portal of the heart center we cross time and connect with self in other time points in this lifetime, and then with self across lifetimes. This meditation is preceded by the short talk "Talk: Metaphors for Heart as Portal"

Soul in Body, Human-Soul Relationship

To begin we cleanse and update the human vehicle by standing as Soul identity, opening the heart portal, and letting light flow in and reconfigure incoherence into coherence. We then explore the Soul-Human relationship from both vantage points.

Throat Chakra Meditation:
Letting the River of Light Flow Through You

To start the meditation we first center and ground. We then open the throat by contacting it from the heart. As we open, we step into our choice to be the expression of the divine. We become the vehicle for the light to manifest through our being and doing as its expression.



Self-Presence. Witnessing and Experiencing Flow

Listening to our insides, through direct experience of sensation. We are, as both observer and experiencer, in the act of receiving and following energy and movement. We neither force nor avoid, we are simply witnesses of pleasure and pain, all transient. This is our self-healing, self-witnessing, and self-presencing. This is the exact moment, and being together with it in its spontaneous improvisation. 

Liberating Contraction, Resting in Heaven and Earth

First half walks you through self-healing so that any emotional/energetic distraction to meditation is liberated through the embrace of equanimity and compassion. Then we rest in the heaven fields and earth fields, renewing ourselves.

Healing the Difficult Places:

Turning towards, Compassion, and Forgiveness

We stand in our self of fullness as we witness our self of wounding. What needs to be seen and witnessed? What can we embrace? What do we need to forgive? We allow for compassion to seep into our difficult places. Who have we had difficulty with who we can see through the eyes of compassion? We acknowledge the pains of human life and hold it all with an embrace that holds all pain. We give ourselves to this great heart to be held by unconditional love. We pray for all beings to be well.

Meditation When Experiencing Difficult Emotions

The meditation for when it's hard to meditate. Here, we stop the mental narratives and get present with somatic sensation, embracing all of the energy and emotion, receiving ground and opening into natural arising and natural timing. We end up more grounded, calm, and reconnected with ourselves.

Divine Feminine

We practice letting go and allowing light to seep into the places that have been needing it. We dissolve and give ourselves to greater trust and compassion.

Meditation for a Transition Period

We are present with who is here now, and then we ask 3 questions, allowing for the open heart to reveal to us the answer: 1) What am I ready to let go of? 2) What am I ready to claim, to harvest? 3) What is my intention for this upcoming season? We open to and permission full support.




Joy! We open through the body and through the spine, allowing energy to release and flow. Easeful and effortless, we allow our whole field to be fresh and beam and receive light. Like the first fresh sunny spring day, with freedom and aliveness.

Grounding and

Mother Earth Nourishment

We root deeply into mother earth and breathe her light, feeling ourselves as one united organism of life. This meditation is grounding, calming, stabilizing, and empowering.

Grounding, Vitality, and Regeneration

This is a great meditation for when you feel depleted and need to recharge. We start with grounding in the lower body, deepen our roots in the earth and breathe in the chi light. We fill up each chakra from bottom to top, bringing vitality and power into the system. We cleanse and regenerate all bodies and fields of Self. This is a complete system upgrade on an embodied level.

Body Scan into All-Love

We relax and let go, through embodiment, feeling ourselves as energy, and scanning the body softly until we have dissolved all constriction and concept of solidity. What is left is only the vibration of love.

Power and Vitality

Embodiment of life force energy. Alignment that receives energy in its deepest coherence. Rooted in creation and as a creator, supported through the heart by our highest guides, expressing heart into the world. Immense vitality grounded in the here and now.

Grounding, Vitality, and Gratitude

We fill the body with vitality via each energy center by breathing up chi through our roots. We presence the energy centers a second time, from the bottom up, opening each one. We experience our alive body with the gratitude of being alive.



All Dimensions at Once:
Blink In, Blink Out

Seeing the simultaneity of the scene we physically live in, and the open infinite ground that births this and all other scenes into manifestation. All selves and dimensions, formless and form. Humility and not knowing.

Journey via Imagery:

All Selves and Dimensions

With guided imagery we journey through multiple vantage points of self and dimensions of reality, landing in the total multiplicity and simultaneity of experience. (I'm considering creating a series of drawings or an actual animation for this. Contact me if you think that would be helpful or if you want to help create that.)



The number one difference between the old world of conditioning, and the new world we are manifesting, is that we are shifting from separation into togetherness. In this meditation, we make that leap, within ourselves. We stand at the threshold, behind us, all of our aloneness. In front of us, past the threshold, is the unknown that awaits us, made of Love. This meditation is for those ready to take this initiation.

Family Web of Blessings

This meditation was done on World Peace and Prayer Day, honoring indigenous wisdom and entering the Unity of prayers across the world, as we give and receive, and step into our alignment of the transmissions that we are here to share with the collective. 

Starts with a 5 minute talk about the split between aspects of self. Then we lean into the feeling of trust. We cultivate trust and integration in the body. Then we do a movement into trust - opening the doors within ourselves that we had shut, and allowing ourselves to reconfigure into wholeness.

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