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Together we wake up the world

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Sunday, Aug 22, 1pmEST, on Zoom

(10amPST, 14hr Sao Paulo, 19hr Italia)


We come together for healing for the world, in spiritual activism: the collective sacred act of unifying as one body and opening together as vessel for the creative life force of Unity consciousness to flow through us into the world.

For more info on spiritual activism, click here.


Our main focus in the meditation is to leave the worlds of binary polarity behind and to open as deeply as possible to Unity consciousness. As we do this we are liberating our own life force capacity to go where it is most powerful and most capable, to act in ways often completely beyond our human capacity to direct or perceive. Our shared intention is God’s blessing for the entire world, calling forth balance and harmony everywhere, which will naturally take into account all current/past/future imbalances, including specific political issues, health issues, climate issues, etc. Just like when healing a human body with an apparent issue in one organ, we cannot only focus our attention on that organ, but on the overall balance of the body as a whole. In this way, we focus on the entire body of Earth and human consciousness, in order for the energies to then go where they need to go for full healing, including for healing of a specific location or issue area we had originally been motivated by to do this work. 

An example of this is how the Reiki practitioner heals a person’s physical body. Their hands can be at the person’s head or feet or wherever, even if the person is seeking healing for, for example, a liver issue. The light goes into the person’s entire body, and directs itself as needed, to all locations needed - liver, and everywhere else, including places perhaps no one was aware of that were necessitating rebalancing in order for the known hurt areas to heal. In this same fashion, we do global meditation to heal specific areas of hurt in the world. We open ourselves to light, and with the intention of God’s blessing everywhere on earth for full harmony, (which includes the specific regions or topics we are wanting to support) we allow the light to do what it needs to do, and go where it needs to go. This way, even if our intention was motivated by a desire to support something/somewhere specific, we allow this ultimate healing power the freedom to act in its full intelligence anywhere in the world, as all imbalances are interrelated and we do not know where one begins or ends, or what affects what. We thus provide healing in an integrated way, so that our entire Earth system can be stronger.


Perhaps sometimes you may feel we are not “doing” much or not focusing enough on specific issues. If that is the case, it’s likely a marker that we are on the right track. It is indeed not us who are to do anything. It is our responsibility to be who we truly are and focus on and have gratitude for and appeal to that which CAN do something, and which knows how and where to direct energies as needed - God. Our role is to let go of our small self constrictions and to place ourselves in the level of Self where we are truly capable and truly helpful - in the All Unity that has its own intelligence beyond our mental understanding, and that knows just what to do and how to do it. Our mental minds, our third eye seeing, etc, will likely be completely clueless as to how these greater energies do their work. It is not our movie to watch. We do not necessarily “get anything out of it” in terms of insight, information, or awareness of what impact we were able to create. We simply give ourselves, with no need for anything in return, including a response to the question “did I help?"

We release ourselves from our personal will so that our full ​capacity is unleashed, beyond the perception of our local self to understand. We release our desires and our sense of personal control into our trust in that which is Greater which truly moves the world, and we give ourselves to the world’s highest path. We say yes, and allow the power of the Mystery of Life to flow through us, to fill us and to radiate everywhere, so that we ourselves are the New World. And in this dimension of being, we see, hold as true, and acknowledge into manifest existence, this new world - the world in its highest potential and highest truth.




This meditation is for advanced meditators who are able to hold nondual fields of awareness - an extremely aligned and grounded light field of Unity consciousness beyond polarity, and thus beyond personal emotional involvement, solidified beliefs, or the imposition of personal will. 

I say this because the intention of our work is to be a healing balm for what are often very incisive, triggering, or disturbing events in the world. If you become personally involved, take sides, come from a place of wanting to control, or become emotionally or energetically vulnerable and caught in the wave of the chaos of the events, this is both unsafe for you and for the group, and potentially for those we are attempting to help. It also diminishes the efficacy of the work as it blocks us from access to full unhindered and unobstructed light.

When we do this work together, our group acts as one being. We are all cells in one great body. Every individual affects every other individual in this group field. Thus, we are each responsible for the rest of the group. 

Transcending personal emotions:

This meditation is a place for all of us to be vessels of God’s light, to be in our place and in our true power, and not the time to include our own personal fears or anguish or feelings about the pains of the world. If we need to presence our own personal experience, we do that outside of the meditation. The meditation is a place for us to be in the position of healer, which is transcended beyond our personal needs and feelings. 

Transcending personal will:

As healers and light workers we do not go where we have not been invited or requested to go, and we do not attempt to create any specific change where that has not been requested. Thus, we pray for God’s will, without pointing to any particular outcome. As a human being, our attempts to insert our personal will in the political, cultural, or personal lives of other human beings and groups is an act of karmic entanglement that can do harm to both parties. 

During the meditation we do NOT point our awareness or energy towards neither the victims nor the perpetrators of any cultural, political, or personal story. In this work are not slicing humanity in half between victim and perpetrator, labeling groups of people as good and bad, and showing up in the savior role in valiant attempt to bring good to the bad. Instead, we hold all of humanity in one unified embrace, in the understanding that human suffering reveals a lack of direct perception of wholeness, and we are here to strengthen our own perception of, and thus emanation of wholeness, for the well-being of all.


Highest efficacy work:

Through our human being identity, our capacity to do good is very small. As God-Light in human being body, our capacity to do good is magnified immensely. Thus our ability to be of service in our highest potential rests in our ability to transcend our personal landscape of thoughts and feelings, personal will and desired outcome, and to go to the God-Spirit-Soul levels of reality, to strengthen the true Light on Earth and focus on this light doing its highest work that is beyond our ability to understand or foresee on the manifest level.

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