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Spiritual Warrior Training for Social Change

Online Course:  Summer 2020

For those who know they are here to make a difference

"They can take away our rights, our freedom, our voice, even our life, but they cannot take away our capacity to love. When it comes to love, we are faced with our own choice. Loving does not mean having no boundaries, being silent, or dismissing injustice without acting. Loving means, "I love". "I love". "I love". We do not wait for love to come from the outside, and we do not wait for a world that deserves love. We make the choice and the dedication that WE are the ones who will bring it in. WE are the ones who will keep it alive. WE are the ones who give ourselves as vessels of love, to be beacons of love. To be illuminated from within with love, to emanate it to the world so that others can see it, feel it, remember it, and feel the call to do the same. This is not easy to do. This may well be the hardest thing we could possibly do. Choosing to love. The hardest choice, the most rewarding choice, and despite ALL difficulty, the only choice truly worth making. The choice to keep loving despite everything, is our most radical rebellion. The capacity to find love through suffering beyond comprehension, and the dedication to build an inner world, and then an outer world, from that love, is the most radical revolution. Now how do we do it?"

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This course is for you if...


You know that the world is opening into the unknown, and you know that you are on the front lines to pave the way and create the new world that we have been waiting for.


You are ready to choose which dimension of reality we are living into. You feel how in the midst of all the turmoil in the world, you are here to stand in the light and be a beacon of light. To use your energy not to fight that which holds us back but to reach towards that which is our future, so that we can pull ourselves up into it.


This course is for those who see intersectionality on all levels: knowing that healing is a great unfolding across the indivisible dimensions of spiritual experience, psychology, and social structures. For those passionate about the individual as a fractal of the collective, keeping a pulse on both and how they affect each other. Seeing and living for the bigger picture - the greater good of all - and knowing that taking responsibility for our inner self will get us there. Knowing that the greatest physical changes come from first changing our perceptions, as those are what led to our conclusions and behaviors.


This course is for those willing to brave the complete unknown, and to enter completely uncharted territory. For those ready to question ingrained beliefs and assumptions, to look within and excavate. To not take things personally, and to see reality as immense beyond our comprehension and thus judgment. To know that healing the world starts with healing ourselves, and that the strongest power we could ever cultivate is the capacity to unconditionally love ourselves and others. And that though choosing to keep loving can be hard as hell to do sometimes, it is the truth worth moving through the fires for, until we get there. This course is for people who love to learn and who are ready to ask the mind to learn from what the heart has to say. Who are willing to be vulnerable, to listen to silence, to perceive through new channels. Who are ready to change paradigms of reality. To drop the bullshit of what doesn’t serve and to step into real living. To be who you are, beyond who you currently know yourself to be.


This course is for those who know that magic is real and who bow down to Love, Love greater than any definition, the greatest power there is. For those who are ready to let go and surrender the mind to the heart, to that which is greater than all of us, to that which holds and guides us if we listen. None of this is easy, but if you are determined, you are ready.

Week 1 - Our Collective Healing Paradigm
  • What is the mechanism of deep healing on an individual and cultural level that guides our work in this course?

  • How can we apply the principles of spiritual healing and energy healing, that awaken and heal individual people, to social issues and collective change?

  • What are you willing to let go of in order to create an opening for something truly new to show up within you?

Week 2 - Self Care and Self Mastery​​​
  • What practices can help us better regulate our nervous system and emotions?

  • How can we practice healthy relationship, turning triggering and potentially incisive conversations into opportunities for healing, connection, and learning?

  • What meditation, yoga, chi gong, exercise, journaling, creative endeavors, etc are most nourishing for your daily self care, and how can you add this into your routine?

Week 3 - Heart and Compassion
  • What opens the way for compassion to be possible? How can the mind support the heart?

  • How can we be with our grief and heartbreak?

  • How can the heart be a portal across time and space, letting light in to the dark places?

Week 4 - Alignment and Life Purpose
  • What are you dedicated to above all else? What at the deepest level do you serve? What is behind that?

  • How can the individual self be a vessel for love and coherence to express through the human into form?

  • What reality are you giving your energy (your etheric vitality) to, and which dimension are you going to choose to be in?


Week 5 - Deconstructing Beliefs
  • Are you willing to dissolve reality as you know it, challenging your most core assumptions? 

  • What is the mechanism underlying the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, and how to reverse-engineer them?

  • What arises on the other side of the unknown?

Week 6 - Releasing the Victim Perpetrator Trap
  • What is the view that frees us from this cycle of pain, that allows us to do our work as liberators for others?

  • What guilt are we willing to own in ourselves, and what self-forgiveness are we ready to do, in order to come back to our own self-love, power, and compassion for others?

  • Do we have the strength to do the opposite of what our addictive impulses jump to, on the level of beliefs, energy, and actions?

Week 7 - Manifesting Highest Potential
  • What does it mean to create with reverence for life and conscious awareness of our immense creative capacity? 

  • How can we honor manifestation on subtle planes before seeing physical manifestation, so that we nurture the conditions that will allow for sustained change?

  • How can we surrender into our greatest intuitive guidance?

Weekly 2-Hour Class 
  • Sundays

  • 1-3:30pmPST / 4-6:30pmEST.

  • Class includes a meditation, lecture teaching, a 1 on 1 live coaching example, interactive exercises, Q&A and discussion.


Curated resources that expand the teachings
  • You will receive articles, youtube videos, talks, movies, songs, etc, that relate to the core teaching so that you can deepen your exploration of the weekly topic.

  • While diving deep each week is recommended, you can read/watch these at any point as your schedule allows, including after the course if you have a busy schedule.

Weekly Exercise

  • Each week you'll have at least one exercise to practice in daily life, to put the teachings into action. 

Peer-Led Sharing Circle
  • With your small group breakout circle, together you will choose a time when everyone can meet once a week outside of class time.

  • Talking circle format (this format will be taught in class in Week 1) invites a safe space for personal shares related to that week's topic, for personal integration and peer-discussion opportunity to cement the teachings.

  • New friendships and community connection.

Daily Practice

  • You will commit to a daily practice throughout the 7 weeks of the program, which can be yoga, journaling, meditation, etc.

  • We will discuss and get this set up in our first class, and you will stay accountable with your weekly accountability partner.

Weekly Accountability Partner

  • Each week you will be assigned a new partner, and the two of you can check in with each other as desired (text, phone, etc).

  • With your buddy you will hold accountability for each other on how your daily practice is going and how your practice of the weekly exercises is going, providing a space for sharing and support.

Recordings of the Lecture Teachings and Meditations

  • Each week you will receive a recording of the meditation we did in class that you can listen to as a daily guided meditation.

  • Lecture teachings will be shared in audio and transcript formats.

Discount for one on one sessions with the teacher
  • Students of this course receive a 50$ discount for all private healing sessions received during the 7 week period in which class is occurring. Sessions usually priced at 175$ will be available to students for 125$. 

  • Students can receive as many healing sessions at the discounted rate during the 7 week period as the teacher's schedule allows.

Course Payment


Payable via Venmo, Paypal, and check

I am aware that many are experiencing financial difficulty during this period. If you want to pay in installments or need other assistance please be in touch.

If you are experiencing financial privilege and wish to sponsor another student's tuition, please be in touch. This can be any amount, for a particular student or not, and done anonymously if desired.

Please share a bit about yourself and I will get in touch for next steps

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