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"I am blown away by your work" - C.L.

"Guide, mirror and soul companion" - T.K.

"The level of access Olivia has is truly remarkable - N.M.



I see relationship as the ultimate living container in which our truth and illusions are mirrored back to us in our shared commitment to personal evolution. It begins with a magnetism that pulls two people together, which we often call love. Confusing the magnetism with Love itself, we might then assume that we are “done”, that we have already "arrived" into the relationship. What if this magnetism that we call love is actually an invitation to begin? An invitation to seek and find the ultimate Love, together? 


By holding this shared intention towards Love, partnership becomes a spiritual practice that’s done through teamwork, in which both individuals unite to embark upon a creative journey to the truth of Love. We give ourselves to this ever greater Love that always seems to lay just a bit beyond us, and yet is always, in immediacy, calling itself forth through us in every moment of the quest itself. 


In this way, every moment of partnership, whether through pleasure or pain, provides an opportunity to join together to learn, to investigate difficulties and uncover limitations, to reveal the possibilities underneath. Together, partners join forces of heart, mind, courage, curiosity, patience, compassion, and faith, learning to relate with Love: to look for it, to honor it, to embody it, to choose it, over and over, above all else. Aligning in joint dedication to seeking, finding, and embodying Ultimate Love. 

Field of Flowers



All of our work is based in compassion and teamwork. The couple is a team, and the three of us working together are a team. We all hold the same shared intention, which is the highest healing and evolution for each individual in the couple, and for the couple relationship.


Core aspects of the work:


The following are capacities and tools that will serve as the ground and content of our work together in session and your focused attention together between sessions. These capacities and tools are what allows teamwork to grow strong and to sustain its power during challenges. This is not an exhaustive list:


  • Witnessing self (mindfulness) dis-identifying from role/pattern

  • Self-ownership of our part of the pattern

  • Awareness of our power of creation (thought/word/energy)

  • Humility and beginner’s mind, curiosity and discovery

  • Compassion, rather than blame and shame

  • Self-empowerment towards choice for a new future

  • Encouragement and positive language and attitude towards each other

  • Gratitude

  • Intention vs impact

  • Capacity to take responsibility and apologize

  • Capacity to honor the past and to move forward with choice into a new future

  • Capacity to voice and respect boundary

  • Empathy

  • "Reset button" or "PAUSE"

  • Seeking and expressing vulnerable need under defenses - both in self and other 


The above can be understood in further detail in the following 3 categories:


1. True self and true connection beyond conditioning 


People become identified with roles and relational patterns that are ultimately conditioning from the past that do not best serve self or team. We acknowledge this fact as normal, without blame or shame, and we seek every opportunity to dis-identify with the role and pattern in order to view it from greater witnessing self, free of conditioning. This is a practice of curiosity and discovery, much like being detectives to our own habits. From a dis-identified witnessing self, we are able to view ourselves and each other with compassion, and are able to make more aligned choices. 


2. Healthy and empowered self-relationship


Every relational pattern takes two people for it to perpetuate. A strong, powerful, compassionate, and intimate partnership is based in each partner's commitment to own their side of the pattern, and to take responsibility for their projections. This is achieved without shame towards self and without blame towards the other. One's own self-capacity is augmented through teamwork: when the other partner is encouraging, through positive language and supportive energy. Self-empowerment includes the exciting capacity of knowing we are at choice in every moment, to create a new future.


3. Empathy and commitment to get out of the pattern 


How do we identify when a pattern is "under way" and get out of it and choose healthy connection? When we do not feel safe feeling emotionally vulnerable or revealing needs that we fear will not be met, we armor ourselves with verbal, energetic, or behavioral expression that can bring pain to our partner. When we are on the receiving end of this, it is our opportunity and responsibility to both express the impact and show compassionate boundary when needed, as well as to seek to understand the person's true vulnerable need that lies deeper under the surface of the current display. The partner who expressed has the responsibility and opportunity to seek to understand the impact on the other person and to repair the impact, as well as to seek to contact within themselves the core vulnerable need or emotion that was previously hidden and learn to courageously express it directly.



Recommended readings


While not required, the following readings are recommended and will likely be useful.

This is of course not an exhaustive list:


  • To understand attachment patterns, our needs and spirals:

    • Hold Me Tight, by Sue Johnson


  • To understand family constellation work and the impact of lineage trauma:

    • It Didn’t Start with You, by Mark Wolynn


  • To understand personal conditioning, and make unconscious patterns conscious:

    • 5 Personality Patterns, by Steven Kessler 


  • To practice effective communication methods, that can especially serve during conflict

    • Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg

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"Olivia is a wisdom carrier and has an unwavering dedication to her work and to the collective consciousness." - H.G.

"She will teach you love fully. She is extraordinary. A profound teacher and an essential guide to healers and artists. Leap at the chance to work with her. You will grow tremendously. Everyone she touches blossoms." - J.B. 

"I am blown away by your work." - C.L.

"You are the most amazing guide, mirror, and soul companion traveling through the realms of consciousness and human experience. My life has been enriched beyond measure by our connection and your beautiful reflections that are so compassionately delivered through a crystal clear lens of love. You channel truth with exquisite precision. You bring the wisdom and experience of inter-dimensionality into the here and now in service to eternal love. To journey with you is to know this love, to know myself and all souls as this love. One interconnected heart, open to and celebrating the limitless possibilities of life itself. Freedom calling the future into the now!" - T.K.

"As many others have said, the level of access Olivia has is truly remarkable." - N.M.

"There are no words that accurately describe the work with Olivia but I believe this to be true: the work aligns itself impeccably with Love and Truth and Olivia is the purest and most humble of vehicles. Imagine knowing what you’ve always known but forgotten, having what you’ve always had but still longed for. Anyone who finds their way to her has found a true blessing in their life. It is the real deal." - S.R.​

"Her words are an echo from the soul. True medicine." - L.J.

"I have been humbled, elevated, deepened, expanded and inspired  beyond measure and I feel truly blessed by what you have offered and shared with all of us. There is something about the way you express things that resonates so profoundly within me and expresses the divine and sacred within me and beyond." - K.R.

"I can whole-heartedly say that Olivia has changed my life in the best way imaginable." - M.G.

"She is humble and considerate and has transparency, consistency, commitment, and authenticity in showing up for others. She guides the group field with honesty, insight and integrity." - A.P.

"Thank you for creating this temple for the soul." - M.F.

"Olivia, I am deeply grateful for your own deep surrender and your tenacious willingness to bring Love forward for the sake of all beings." - S.R.​

"Olivia has a rare magic about her that is hard to put into words. She radiates joy and her presence alone is deeply healing. After each session I feel extremely nourished and alive." - A.D.

"Olivia embodies warmth, compassion, and professionalism, in balance with a deeply held intuitive capacity.  My healing session with her was beautiful and revelatory, the session opened me to aspects of myself that were beyond insightful. Olivia works with complete precision. Olivia is a gifted healer. I cannot recommend her enough." - S.P.

"I felt totally rejuvenated and aligned and euphoric. Olivia is simply tuned in to the freedom and space where healing takes place. She is so perceptive, respectful, and open, and you feel that you are safe and cared for in her presence. I can't recommend her more highly." - N.B.

"Olivia has taught me what it means to surrender to the universe and the energy both within me and around me. She has helped me find answers that were already embedded in my heart. Answers that lead to love, courage, truth and oneness. Olivia has played a huge role in the liberation I have found through understanding God and Love as within rather than separate from myself. Olivia heals, guides, loves, and teaches with humility and grace. I am eternally grateful!" - J.A.

"I feel so cleansed and centered, filled with love and gratitude, presence and hope - after your session today. The most wonderful much needed blessing. Raw and open ... so good. Thank you. I'm outside, the breeze is so warm and I feel like I'm seeing things for the first time! Like a different vantage point of seeing and being. Thank you for sharing your gift!" - K.R.

"As many others have said, the depth of the session and the level of access Olivia has is truly remarkable. Because of the breadth of training Olivia has, she is able to draw on the right modalities for you for whatever you are dealing with right then and there. She also has the energy of about five people in one!" - N.M.

"I was really surprised at the depth and capacity of re-awakening that Olivia supported in me. She created a very safe space and then skillfully encouraged the energy that wanted to emerge, from letting go of what was no longer serving, to feeling newly inspired in a renewed paradigm of what is possible. Her courage and integrity with her intuitive sense, along with her kind nature, make the session extraordinary. Highly recommended." - S.S.

Wild Flowers

Clients work with me weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

I recommend our couples sessions to be supported by individual sessions throughout. For example, for couples who are working with me weekly, clients may opt to do individual sessions once a month.

Couples sessions: (1.5hr) $350​

Individual sessions: (1hr) $200

24 hour cancellation policy

Payment methods:

You will receive a Zoom link via text or email

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