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Together we wake up the world
healers encircling planet earth. light.j

Stay together friends

Don't scatter and sleep

Our friendship is made

of being awake.



You know that right now you carry within you a deep remembrance of awakened life. That even though you don't see it physically, you know Unity. My job is to bring us all together, to do our shared work of waking up the world. Together we have immensely amplified creative potential. Our strength comes in aligning in group coherence in the nonphysical consciousness fields that manifest physical reality.


Together we have the capacity to align our energy-consciousness with precision in one shared intention and shared action. Together we have the capacity to be one unbreakable lattice-work that bridges between planes of reality, closing gaps and weaving seamless integration across dimensions. As we hold simultaneously cosmos and earth field, and as we partner with those in the highest consciousness fields who are protecting and healing the earth plane, we offer ourselves as the embodied vessels through which we receive the river of light and stream it into the human consciousness grids for healing. By being the bridge for the alchemy between coherence and wound, we bring forth coherence into the nonphysical templates of physical reality, establishing the template for the physical manifestation of an awakened world. 

My job is to share this information and to create experiences in which we can do this work. My job is to enter into complete alignment across dimensions, to listen, to say what I see, and to invite others into alignment as a group. To track the group field, to help it come into coherence, and to use words and energetic transmission to help guide the field in the ways I am shown. To find others who are also called to this work and to grow our group coherence around the world.

"Olivia is a wisdom carrier and has an unwavering dedication to her work and to the collective consciousness." - H.G.

If you feel called to donate any amount to the continuation of this work you can click the Paypal link below or send Paypal to with a note. Please contact me directly if you prefer Venmo or check. Thank you very much for your support.

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Transmission of Unity Consciousness

Part 1: Instructions on our Work Together. Preparation for a bridging circle on healing the human consciousness of war & bringing forth the consciousness of peace.

Part 2: Bridging Circle: Connecting with those across dimensions healing the earth plane, and bringing in compassion through the heart-network of humanity.


Weekly Talks

Bridging Circles:

Anchoring the Light

Healing Circles


"Something magical happens when a group aligns cohesively into awakened fields of awareness and energy, and then directs that energy with intention for healing.

Out of everyone I have come across, Olivia seems to be the most skilled in being able to guide a group through that type of connection and direction to create nonlocal impact."

                     - H.G.


Periodically I provide talks sharing topics and maps from the book I'm currently writing. Topics relate to personal awakening, collective awakening, healing, and collective light work.


This is an intellectual journey through a mapmaking process revealing an overall map I use to view and explain global awakening on multiple levels - individual, social norms, institutional, nonphysical - interacting in old, new, and transition worlds. Best viewable on laptop screen.

This is a transmission before a meditation of the overall journey of global awakening. You'll see the speaking is slower; please follow the energy within and between the words.

weekly talks anchor
bridging circles general anchor

These circles are for the healing of the earth plane as a whole. We come together with precise coherence to offer ourselves as bridge between dimensions to allow in the "landing" of the new consciousness grids that our world is moving towards. Together we enter into the conscious embodiment of Unity, as vessels of light. Our strength is in our communion with each other, and with all those in the highest who work with us across dimensions. We are all bodies one body, all hearts open portals of the one Great heart. We are bridge between worlds, emptying ourselves completely and holding the field so that cosmic intelligence beyond our capacity can do the work through us, integrating planes of highest love-coherence into the time-space dimensions of the earth plane. When pure light meets wound consciousness in the collective fields, this alchemy re-templates the consciousness, healing that which no longer serves and bringing forth Grace, Love-Truth, coherence. 


Recording from World Peace and Prayer day: explanation of our work together and invitation into direct experience of togetherness

This is a core template of the work we do in bridging. It delineates core steps and stances necessary for bridging circles, whether they are directly mentioned in other events or not.


healing circle achor

We come together in healing the earth plane and for loved ones in need of healing prayer. Format: First half begins with meditation for self-healing and self-alignment, to open and be clear vessels: connecting with and as Unity, in alignment in group field with each other and all assisting across dimensions. Second half is healing prayer for specific individuals. Please get permission if possible before submitting names.


constellations anchor

I have been deeply trained in spiritual constellation work by renowned spiritual healer Ron Young, close student and colleague of the late Bert Hellinger, father of family constellation. Spiritual constellation work reveals and liberates the meta-systems of karma and freedom from across time and space that hold the subconscious roles and patterns that people play out in their lives. Constellations are an opportunity to "take movements" - to make deep shifts at the level of the core blueprint that is determining the range of possibilities for our lives, changing our reality at the blueprint layer so that our binds release and new pathways open for us. I facilitate both inner constellations, which are a form of guided meditation focused on actively shifting our inner templates through "inner movements", as well as physical constellations, which involve physical and relational sequences in space. Both inner and physical constellations realign archetypal, lineage, and other patterns back into coherence. 


This is a serious inner constellation to be taken by those who feel ready to cross the threshold from aloneness into togetherness. Inner constellations can only be taken when there is permission within the individual's system on the specific day of the event.


What can we do on a spiritual/meditation/healing level to help the collective navigate sociopolitical turmoil and the uncertainty - and opportunity - of these times? This is a meditation / healing group specifically for love, unity, and coherence. This is my offering of spiritual activism.

Right now we have the chance to create a massive wave of healing energy to shift our country and world into the healthy dynamics of coherence and co-creation, beyond polarity and division. Our power is in our alignment of shared intention for our country's healing, the coherence of our group consciousness, and our capacity to massively amplify energy when we work as a group. 

Your contributions help support and grow these projects. Thank you!

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