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Mindfulness for Kids


This session is a full energy healing session, with time for a short Q&A afterward, in which I can teach you self-care methods that you can continue post-session. It is clothes on, laying down, silent session, with the option of hands-on or no-touch as preferred (the effects are the same). 


You'll experience a mix of modalities. The most well-known modality I am trained in is Reiki (Reiki 3). Besides Reiki I include other forms of healing from my training with Luminous healing from Luminous Awareness Institute and Ron Young's spiritual healing practices. While I don't officially do Therapeutic Touch, Barbara Brennan Healing Science, Polarity, or Cranial Sacral Therapy, you will probably notice sensations or experiences that are related to those, since what I do overlaps a lot with these others, and I have had experience with each in different ways. You could say my work and the rest of these are all in the same "healing family".


If you'd prefer strictly Reiki (the modality most people who are not in the healing professions are most familiar with), I am happy to do that. Odds are with a reiki-only session you will most probably feel relaxed and calm, as it is often a very gentle, soft energy flow.



Energy work helps balance and align your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic systems. The outcome is increased well-being and vitality overall. How does it do this, and what are the scientifically proven outcomes? Here's a list from studies done on reiki, which fro my experience I believe also pertains to all good energy work:

  • Encourages the nervous system to move towards parasympathetic functioning - out of our “fight/flight/freeze” stress response to our “rest and digest” state of peace and calm

  • Slows down breathing

  • ImproveS heart rate

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Decreases pain and physical discomfort

  • Improves heart rate variability

  • Improves blood pressure

  • Decreases levels of stress hormones

  • Improves oxygen levels

  • Decreases stress and anxiety

  • Shown to improve mood and functioning of those battling depression

  • Quickens recovery time after surgery - especially when done before surgery


The energy work that I do helps to balance and clear your energetic system, emotional system, belief systems, and physiology. This means that based on what you're currently experiencing in your life, you may experience our session in different ways.


  • For example, some people feel very calm and may even fall asleep or lucid dream, as energy work calms your nervous system, slows your breathing, and balances your heart rate and oxygen levels.

  • Other people may feel strong physical or emotional sensations, as they notice certain patterns unwinding and resolving themselves in a form of healing that releases emotion.

  • Other people may come to me with a certain pain or sickness, and end the session or series of sessions feeling physically healthy again. 

  • Some people's energetic bodies become very expansive and full of flow, and they may experience all sorts of sensations such as rising, expanding, other kinds of movements in or around the body, sensations in certain parts of the body, and a sense of flying or opening.

  • Some people might not feel anything at all, but energy resolutions are happening on a deeper level that the conscious mental mind need not be aware of in order for them to take effect - there is still healing happening.

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