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In service of highest Love.

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  • Masters in Psychology from Columbia University, with study at Union Theological Seminary

  • 5 years training with master healer Ron Young

  • Certified in the facilitation of Family and Spiritual Constellation work

  • 7 years at Luminous Awareness Institute, including 5 years in TA & healer role

  • Reiki Master and Reiki teacher

  • Certified Life Coach from Coaches Training Institute

  • Undergraduate degree from Columbia University


Olivia’s mystical and metaphysical inclinations began in childhood and evolved into spiritual experiences in her teens and twenties that at the time she did not know how to contextualize - a total shift in perception of the cosmos, a total experience of the field of love, timeless silence, and the capacity to heal with her hands.


Soon thereafter she became a Reiki Master, following in her grandmother’s footsteps. 


She then completed two years of study at the Luminous Awareness Institute in northern California under teachers Anna-Lisa Adelberg and Lorraine (Raina) Dealer, the latter with whom she then received one on one training for a number of years. The study at the institute as well as the personal training included a direct path of spiritual awakening and realization guided greatly by the Buddhist lineages of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, a deep development of subtle perception and energy healing skills that evolved from the lineage of Barbara Brennan, and detailed instruction in psychology and trauma from the lineage of Alexander Lowen, and Internal Family Systems work and attachment theory, among other influences. She honors Anna-Lisa and Raina’s direct teachers, Lama Tarchin, Dan Brown, Victoria Merkel, and Grandmother Taylor of the Yoruban tradition. After two years as a student, Olivia has now been with the Institute for an additional five years as an assistant in which she provides healing sessions to the students and leads student groups.


Olivia has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Columbia University where she studied in the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teacher’s College with additional study at Union Theological Seminary.


At Columbia she studied conflict resolution under Peter Coleman, protegè of the founder of the field of conflict resolution, the late Morton Deutche, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) under the founder Linda Lantieri, spiritual psychology under psychologists Ruth Rosenbaum and Mitch Saskin, trauma and PTSD under lead academic researcher George Bonnano, and assistant taught intro spirituality for Lisa Miller, the director of the Institute. At Union Theological Seminary, she studied Pali Buddhist texts with Gary Schwartz from Brooklyn Zen Center and spiritual social justice with liberation theologian Tara Chung. She also studied child development and mindfulness education and taught mindfulness as an assistant teacher at Public School 116 in Midtown Manhattan.


Olivia is in her 6th year of intensive study with the renowned spiritual healer Ron Young. This study began at Columbia University and continued independently. Through Ron’s teachings she carries the lineages of his late teachers and master healers, Hilda Charleton of the yogic tradition, Daskalos (the Magus of Strovolos) of esoteric Christianity, Oreste, Cuban curandero, and Bert Hellinger, founder of family constellation work. Ron was chosen by Bert to continue developing constellation work and created a more elaborated version of it to include multi-dimensional variables, called spiritual constellation. Olivia has been certified, through Ron's teachings, in the facilitation of constellations. She is also an assistant teacher at his workshops, facilitating movement meditation.

Olivia is deeply connected with Indigenous elder Ilarion Merculieff, wisdom keeper of the Unungan lineage of Alaska and currently works with him co-facilitating workshops and online events. She is a core team member of his organization Wisdom Weavers of the World.

Olivia has also been assistant to Buddhist dharma and meditation teacher Loch Kelly and edited his second book, Effortless Mindfulness.

Olivia holds a coaching certification from Coaches Training Institute, rated as the top coaching school in the world. She has coached in the UNDP in Spanish and Portuguese.


She is also an an ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek.


Olivia has a previous career in finance and entrepreneurship, mainly focused on socially and environmentally focused, marketplace and network related businesses and impact investing.


She has a bachelors degree also from Columbia University, where she focused her studies in international relations and macroeconomics.


Olivia is Brazilian-American and has lived in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Bologna, Italy. She has traveled to over 30 countries and speaks five languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French), and offers coaching/healing sessions, workshops, and workshop translations, in the first four languages.

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