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When words can't paint the picture....

Downloading the new consciousness grids

all dimensions at once COLOR.jpeg

All selves in all lifetimes and dimensions


Receiving and passing on the river of light


Letting the river of light move through you

drawing roots and sky 2.30.20.jpg

Interconnected ground, above and below

souls AL drawing.jpg

Souls outside of the matrix

Meditation sketch.jpg

Group coherence and alignment

angel human drawing.jpg

Earth angel

eyes stars.jpg

Seeing the universe in your eyes.

Universe seeing you through my eyes

world layers portugal.JPG

Layers of veils, mental and emotional fields, and earth in the center


Playing human

layers of dimensions (my drawing).JPG

Dimensional layers and the flows of potentiality lining up for future manifestation

reiki logo drawn.jpeg

Emitting light through energy centers and layers of personal energy field

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.32.58.png

Alternating structured and flowing layers of the human energy field


Soul incarnating

world in clock sketch.jpg

Time and space

01092012_Asia_2935 copy.JPG

Inside out world (intaglio print)

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