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We open our hearts

As the ones we have always been, 

to embody the transmissions

we were born to bring

to the earth plane at this time.

Opening Prayer (3 min)

We are going through unprecedented times, as the world opens into awakening. How do we transition from the old world of separation, to the new world of wholeness? We must live as the future and bring ourselves to it. The new world is Unity. The transition, thus, must be through Unity. We come together in coherence, weaving a web of light around the world, weaving dimensions across the cosmos, until reality on Earth experiences itself as whole again.
This will change everything, and already is.


"Olivia is a wisdom carrier
and has an unwavering dedication
to her work and to the collective consciousness."
- H.G.

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I am here to bridge dimensions

and anchor in the light. I am here to embody and radiate the transmissions

that alchemize coherence back into the earth plane. I am here working in communion with all who are aligned

for the highest and best for all beings.

My work is in leading individuals and groups in weaving dimensions, for the healing and liberation of self and collective. 

I teach and lead healing circles, meditations, constellations, and workshops. I also provide healing sessions in private practice. I am currently authoring two books about this work.

An extensive library of audio recordings of my meditations can be found on this site.

I honor all of my teachers. I receive and share the great river of light.

With deep gratitude, I bow to you.


"I was really surprised at the depth and capacity of re-awakening
     that Olivia supported in me"
- S.S.

I provide private sessions for people on a deep spiritual path who are expanding their awakening. At this place you are fully dedicated to the divine heart within self and across and beyond all worlds, and you are here to serve the awakening of humanity by bridging the dimensions of Love-Truth and form.

Together we expand across dimensions beyond human mind, seeing in the dark and hearing from the silence. You have a guide and companion and witness reflecting you as we travel, receive transmissions, and integrate across worlds. Together we welcome you into your pathway of highest destiny and service: your embodiment of your highest transmissions; highest self incarnate in form.

I also provide couples sessions and training sessions for healers and coaches.


"Thank you for creating     
     this temple for the soul."
 - M.F.

The time of the lone wolf is over. The time of the feminine is rising. We are stronger together. We are one family, waking each other up into the truth of our liberation and our union. When we meditate and pray and bring forth healing work together, we build one, deeply coherent group field, which has massive power for creation and liberation. Each of us carries unique transmissions, that when brought together into the whole enriches the one fabric that we are, and that we create, together. From here, possibility opens into aliveness and our capacity for magnificent manifestation blooms. My offering is the remembrance of how we operate together in synchrony. My offering is in guiding groups into this coherence. 



"Olivia is a wisdom carrier and has an unwavering dedication to her work and to the collective consciousness." - H.G.

"She will teach you love fully. She is extraordinary. A profound teacher and an essential guide to healers and artists. Leap at the chance to work with her. You will grow tremendously. Everyone she touches blossoms." - J.B. 

"I am blown away by your work." - C.L.

"You are the most amazing guide, mirror, and soul companion traveling through the realms of consciousness and human experience. My life has been enriched beyond measure by our connection and your beautiful reflections that are so compassionately delivered through a crystal clear lens of love. You channel truth with exquisite precision. You bring the wisdom and experience of inter-dimensionality into the here and now in service to eternal love. To journey with you is to know this love, to know myself and all souls as this love. One interconnected heart, open to and celebrating the limitless possibilities of life itself. Freedom calling the future into the now!" - T.K.

"As many others have said, the level of access Olivia has is truly remarkable." - N.M.

"There are no words that accurately describe the work with Olivia but I believe this to be true: the work aligns itself impeccably with Love and Truth and Olivia is the purest and most humble of vehicles. Imagine knowing what you’ve always known but forgotten, having what you’ve always had but still longed for. Anyone who finds their way to her has found a true blessing in their life. It is the real deal." - S.R.​

"Her words are an echo from the soul. True medicine." - L.J.

"I have been humbled, elevated, deepened, expanded and inspired  beyond measure and I feel truly blessed by what you have offered and shared with all of us. There is something about the way you express things that resonates so profoundly within me and expresses the divine and sacred within me and beyond." - K.R.

"I can whole-heartedly say that Olivia has changed my life in the best way imaginable." - M.G.

"She is humble and considerate and has transparency, consistency, commitment, and authenticity in showing up for others. She guides the group field with honesty, insight and integrity." - A.P.

"Thank you for creating this temple for the soul." - M.F.

"Olivia, I am deeply grateful for your own deep surrender and your tenacious willingness to bring Love forward for the sake of all beings." - S.R.​

"Olivia has a rare magic about her that is hard to put into words. She radiates joy and her presence alone is deeply healing. After each session I feel extremely nourished and alive." - A.D.

"Olivia embodies warmth, compassion, and professionalism, in balance with a deeply held intuitive capacity.  My healing session with her was beautiful and revelatory, the session opened me to aspects of myself that were beyond insightful. Olivia works with complete precision. Olivia is a gifted healer. I cannot recommend her enough." - S.P.

"I felt totally rejuvenated and aligned and euphoric. Olivia is simply tuned in to the freedom and space where healing takes place. She is so perceptive, respectful, and open, and you feel that you are safe and cared for in her presence. I can't recommend her more highly." - N.B.

"Olivia has taught me what it means to surrender to the universe and the energy both within me and around me. She has helped me find answers that were already embedded in my heart. Answers that lead to love, courage, truth and oneness. Olivia has played a huge role in the liberation I have found through understanding God and Love as within rather than separate from myself. Olivia heals, guides, loves, and teaches with humility and grace. I am eternally grateful!" - J.A.

"I feel so cleansed and centered, filled with love and gratitude, presence and hope - after your session today. The most wonderful much needed blessing. Raw and open ... so good. Thank you. I'm outside, the breeze is so warm and I feel like I'm seeing things for the first time! Like a different vantage point of seeing and being. Thank you for sharing your gift!" - K.R.

"As many others have said, the depth of the session and the level of access Olivia has is truly remarkable. Because of the breadth of training Olivia has, she is able to draw on the right modalities for you for whatever you are dealing with right then and there. She also has the energy of about five people in one!" - N.M.

"I was really surprised at the depth and capacity of re-awakening that Olivia supported in me. She created a very safe space and then skillfully encouraged the energy that wanted to emerge, from letting go of what was no longer serving, to feeling newly inspired in a renewed paradigm of what is possible. Her courage and integrity with her intuitive sense, along with her kind nature, make the session extraordinary. Highly recommended." - S.S.

If you feel deep resonance with what I am offering and want to see it grow in the world, I am very grateful for financial contributions as beautiful gifts to help pro bono projects sustain and grow. You can click below for Paypal or contact me for Venmo.

Thank you very much for your support.

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